Manual verification process

To guarantee that list only high quality projects, all teams are manually screened. We check the following facts before listing:

  • Team social media profiles are verifiable on LinkedIn
  • Website professionalism
  • General credibility
  • Team background check - preferable recommendations from a cryptocurrency community public and trusted person reserves right to delist any tokens. We do this in the case any foul play is suspected.

Publish your token

Please note that ICOS and coins listing in tokens database is free.

Because we have a very long queue of pending ICOs to be listed on it might take several days for your ICO to be published. If you want your ICO to be reviewed before others, apply for Priority application.

Token information

A team member will personally use that email to reply to you

I give full permission to use all needed data from all of our resources (website, social networks, ...) for the listing and this website API